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00Allergy Friendly Blackforest ParfaitBy Mummies on a MissionWho doesn’t like a delicious brunch now and then? A warm stack of pancakes dripping with maple syrup, eggs benedict resplendent with hollandaise sauce, light as air crepes hiding a bounty of fruit inside…. The mouth waters, that is, unless your my daughter who (thanks to allergies) is unable to eat almost ANYTHING that’s served for breakfast in a restaurant. So, I had to come up with something that was portable AND still felt like a treat. This recipe is great for a decadent (not everyday) breakfast, or as a dessert. It’s egg, dairy, and gluten free. Serves one person
00Allergy Friendly Peach and Passionfruit ParfaitBy Mummies on a MissionIf you’re after a delicious and decadent treat, without too many nasties, a parfait is a great choice. This tropical recipe is great for breakfast, or even as a dessert. It’s full of wonderful fruit and whole grains, but is egg, dairy, and gluten free. Serves one person
00Apple and Oat Spiced MuffinsBy Mummies on a MissionThese muffins are a hit with everyone in our family. They are on the healthier side, filling and great for lunch boxes. They are moist and many, if not all, of the ingredients are usually what we have in our cupboard and fridge ready to go. I also have to admit that I am a terrible baker… But these work! So I thought I would be crazy not to share. I find it really frustrating searching for a recipe and having to scroll through A LOT of information when all I really want to know is if I have all the ingredients to make the recipe. So here it is…
00Apple Pie Breakfast BarBy Mummies on a MissionThis tastes like dessert for breakfast, but is actually a super healthy recipe you can make ahead of time and have sliced and ready to grab in the morning.
00Apple Pie Overnight OatsBy Mummies on a MissionThis is a great healthy breakfast you can prepare the night before and either grab on the way out the door or sit and enjoy at home.
00Baked Salt and Pepper WingsBy Mummies on a MissionTwo things my kids love: Chinese food and chicken wings. This recipe ticks both boxes, is pretty simple, and absolutely delicious! And the icing on the cake (well, the spice on the wings), is that it’s dairy and gluten free!
00Best Ever Acai Bowl for KidsBy Mummies on a MissionHas there ever been a breakfast food more unbelievably fun and creative than the acai bowl? This recipe takes around seven minutes to make, is packed with antioxidants and healthy fats, and best of all, you know your kids will eat it because you just put the prettiest bowl of ice cream out for breakfast! Serves: 2-4 depending on bowl size. Double the recipe for a family.
00Blackstrap Molasses Gingerbread BiscuitsBy Mummies on a MissionThis healthy alternative to gingerbread contains no refined sugar and is full of nutrients and minerals like iron, calcium, selenium, and Vitamin B from the blackstrap molasses. A little spicy, and very moreish, these school-friendly biscuits are delicious when eaten fresh and freeze well too. Makes 12-16
00Bounty MousseBy Mummies on a MissionThis decadent mousse is the perfect healthy dessert. It’s easy whip up, the whole family loves it, and it’s budget-friendly!
00Broccoli Super SoupBy Mummies on a MissionWant to add some greens into your diet? This Broccoli Super Soup is full of soooo much flavour and it is super quick and easy to make! Perfect for a rainy day or a booster to your immune system, and the whole family will LOVE it!!
00Cafe Style Banana BreadBy Mummies on a MissionThis is a big family favourite and a great way to use your bananas that are a little over-ripe.
00Cajun BarramundiBy Mummies on a MissionI love visiting Louisiana in the USA. There is such a distinct culture and cuisine there, so much vibrancy, spice, and vitality. This recipe is a way to bring some of that delicious bayou flavour to your table (you can switch the snapper for your favourite fish or shellfish – just adjust cooking time accordingly). We like to serve it with pineapple salsa, salad, and steamed potatoes or jasmine rice.
00CaRAWmel SliceBy Mummies on a MissionJust try stopping at one slice of this decadent, guilt-free, raw caramel slice. This is a favourite go-to treat in my house.
00Cherry Choconut SmoothieBy Mummies on a MissionThere is a certain cherry, coconut and chocolate bar that I really struggle to avoid. But with this recipe I can enjoy the taste I crave in a healthy way.
00Cherry Christmas BallsBy Mummies on a MissionWith Christmas upon us, I wanted to adapt one of my favorite Bliss Ball recipes and utilise the amazing cherries that are in season. These healthy Bliss Balls are the perfect healthy treat and are best stored in the freezer as we are using fresh fruit.
00Chicken and Avocado Rice BowlBy Mummies on a MissionThis yummy and healthy rice bowl will quickly become a family favourite and keep them asking for more!
00Chocolate Protein SmoothieBy Mummies on a MissionThis is a delicious and protein rich smoothie recipe. Perfect for rebuilding tired muscles post-workout.
00Complete Vegan Mug CakeBy Mummies on a MissionSometimes you just want a delicious dessert without the hassle. I’ve created this quick and easy mug cake using my favourite vegan smoothie powder for a highly nutritious dessert. I think chocolate is the best, but vanilla is great too!
00Dad’s Asian Greens, aka Dragon FoodBy Mummies on a MissionMy dad is a terrific cook, he was the first one who managed to convince my daughter to eat cooked vegetables. I know lots of mums who also struggle with getting greens into their kids, so here’s dad’s secret: Dragon Food. He made a simple and delicious stir fried plate of greens and told a story of how dragons love to eat them to help with stomach upsets after a diet of too many rich people. This combination of the bloodthirsty story and delicious flavours made this one of my little girl’s favourite foods.
00Dairy Free Basil PestoBy Mummies on a MissionWe all love Basil pesto right? I have tried the jars off the shelf that look so delicious but are always disappointing! Nothing beats fresh. This recipe is hard to get wrong no matter the measurements. It’s delicious every time and so quick!
00Dairy-free Choc Hazelnut SpreadBy Mummies on a MissionMy daughter has some allergies that make enjoying treats a bit tricky. She loves chocolate, but can’t have dairy, gluten, or eggs. So Nutella is off the list for her – along with many other (healthier) versions of the hazelnut spread. So, we tried out a few different homemade Nutella recipes and this is our favourite. Its dairy, gluten, and processed sugar free!
00Dairy-free Coconut RoughBy Mummies on a MissionWho remembers the old school coconut rough wrapped in gold foil growing up? Well this super quick and easy gluten and dairy free version will definitely satisfy the strongest chocolate craving. If you love simple but delicious recipes this slice is a MUST and will become a family favourite in no time.
00Date PasteBy Mummies on a MissionIf you’re looking for a healthy replacement for refined sugar, look no further. Here’s a whole food based sweetener for your recipes.
00By Mummies on a Mission
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